Currency Converter 0.6 released

It took me almost a full year but here’s the 0.6 release of my Currency Converter Plasmoid.

Most noticeably is the use of Plasma::PopupApplet which let you dock the Plasmoid in the Panel. The (almost) full list of changes can be seen in the Changelog.

Download at Google Code or or get it via "Add Widgets" from the Plasma Desktop.

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2 new Plasmoids

For the last 2-3 weeks I have been working on a couple of scripted Plasmoids for KDE4.x written in Python. First I started with the Currency Converter which uses data from Yahoo! Finance. When it was sorta working I figured out that I could create a Google Translator Plasmoid using almost the same code, so now I’m maintaining them concurrently. Well – ’nuff said. Here ther are:

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