• The Plasmoid now finally docks in the panel using Plasma.PopupApplet.
  • New icon! (cut’n’paste from other icons – hmmm).
  • Only import required parts of the used modules. The functionalities such as System Notifications and Network monitoring are now separate classes which makes them reusable in my other Plasmoids.
  • Fail gracefully on wrong KDE SC version.
  • Fix for not detecting network on some distributions.
  • Current/last conversion result is now shown in the tool tip when docked in the panel.
  • Removed collapse/expand because it didn’t work properly and current result can be seen in tooltip.
  • Added context menu for updating current conversion.
  • Added configuration for refresh/update interval.
  • Improved KIO handling.
  • Notification on network errors.
  • Much improved error handling when no network connection using Solid. The Plasmoid is now disabled until a connection is established instead of just giving up and dying ;-)
  • Now using the KDE Currency classes (Only works from KDE SC 4.4.4).
  • Showing Currency name first instead of currency code to make the easier to find in the list.



  • Refreshing selected conversion when no activity for 15 minutes.
  • TransferJobs are no longer shown in KDE Notifier.
  • Fixed layout issues in the title header.
  • Added “Swap currencies” button.


  • Test for network connection.
  • Hide/show controls. Added the ability to expand or collapse the currency combo boxes if you just want to monitor the exchange rate between two fixed currencies.


  • Fixed problem where ComboBox dropdowns were below other widgets.
  • Code refactoring and cleanup.
  • Translations automated. For now only Danish translations exists.
  • Amount validation is localized (in a very simple way – may break in some locales?).
  • Currency symbols instead of abbreviations (only £, $ and € for now).
  • Use KIO when getting currency rate to not block the GUI.
  • Added Clear Button to Amount.


  • Initial version
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