Currency Converter

Convert currencies using data from Yahoo! Finance web service.

A simple Plasmoid created using PyQt and PyKDE4.


Currency Converter v. 0.6

Currency Converter v. 0.6. Popup from Panel

Currency Converter v. 0.6 - Tooltip from Panel


  • Select to and/or from the dropdown list and the converted amount will be updated.
  • Change the amount to be converted and TAB or click outside the Amount field and the result will be updated.
  • Selected currencies and amount is saved between sessions.
  • Refreshing selected convertion when no activity for a user defined period of time.
  • Current/last conversion result is shown in the tool tip when docked in the panel.


Because I have only tried the Plasmoid on my own computer you may be able to use earlier versions.

Currency Converter needs at least KDE SC 4.5.

  • python-kde4 v. 4.5.4
  • python-qt4 v. 4.7.3
  • plasma-scriptengine-python


Download the newest version. Install the package as shown below where <version> is the version number appended to the name e.g. currency-converter-0.6.plasmoid.

plasmapkg -i ./currency-converter-<version>.plasmoid

If the Plasmoid is already installed you might have to run:

plasmapkg -u ./currency-converter-<version>.plasmoid


  • Translations. Currently only Danish translations.
  • Check version upgrade process: Is the config persistent?
  • Credits label link doesn’t launch web site.
  • Dates aren’t localized.
  • Send notifications instead of showMessage.
  • Better error detection on web service query.
  • Create a Currency Converter Data Engine.
  • Connect/emit settingsChanged in Settings.
  • Show the most used currencies at top of list.

IDEAS (comments are welcome):

  • Monitor currencies and notify on change.
  • Offer other services than Yahoo! Finance.


    Built on the KDE Platform

    18 Responses to “Currency Converter”

    1. Tom Says:

      Hi, i ve download and install the widget but got error when i put it on desktop.
      It says “could not create a python ScriptEngine forthe curency converter widget”

      I am using kubuntu 9.10 plz help.

      p.d. I am newbie using linux

    2. tanghus Says:

      You’ll have to install plasma-scriptengine-python

      sudo aptitude install plasma-scriptengine-python

    3. Germain Says:

      Hi ,
      I have added it under opensuse 11.2 by adding the widget
      Currency Converter 0.4
      from Plasmoids but i get the message:

      Skript initialization failed

      • tanghus Says:

        Please try to run it from Konsole using:

        plasmoidviewer currency-converter-0.4.plasmoid

        and then post the output from the command.

        Are you sure you have added the dependencies as mentioned above?


    4. lucio bucio Says:

      Hi, Hey I’ve installed the plasmoid, it works well, but i need to convert from US dollars, to pesos mexicanos (MXP) and isn’t in the list, how i could add it. Thanks for the help :)

      • tanghus Says:

        Hi Lucio

        I don’t know why Mexican Peso wasn’t in the list. I will upload an updated version soonish but for now you can add the following line:

        CURRENCY[‘MXN’] = Currency(code=’MXN’, numeric=’484′, name=’Mexican Peso’, countries=[‘MEXICO’])

        to the CURRENCY dictionary in


    5. Landis Says:

      I’ve ‘downloaded and installed’ the plasoid but it just sits in my ‘tray’ and spins for hours… Looks like it’s doing something, just not sure what. Right click> settings also does nothing.


      KDE 4.3.4 and openSuSE 11.2 (All updates to both).

      • tanghus Says:

        Sorry for the late reply.
        The Plasmoid is not supposed to be added to the Panel but to the Desktop.
        Eventually it will be changed so that it can be shown in the Panel as an icon an then shown when clicked upon.

    6. Daniel Restrepo Says:

      didnt load the COP (Colombian Peso) currency

      • tanghus Says:

        Hi Daniel
        Thanks for noticing this. As I’m in a major rewrite I can only guide you to a quick hack.

        If you haven’t already done so download .

        Unpack it in an empty directory:

        mkdir tmpdir
        cd tmpdir
        unzip /path/to/currency-converter-0.5.plasmoid

        (/path/to being where you put the file)

        Edit contents/code/

        Just after the line
        CURRENCY = {}

        Add the line:
        CURRENCY[‘COP’] = Currency(code=’COP’, numeric=’170′, name=’Colombian Peso’, countries=[‘COLOMBIA’])

        Make sure you are in the tmpdir you created earlier and package the files again:

        zip -r ../currency-converter-0.5.plasmoid

        And install the update:

        plasmapkg -u ../currency-converter-0.5.plasmoid

        Now remove the Currency Converter Widget from your desktop and add it again.

        Hope this helps.

    7. Aaron Says:

      I installed your software in my Fedora 13.
      It showed me that i dont have Network Conection :s.
      Then i checked the source code, i made it work.
      The only change was in the line:
      – #self.is_connected = (Solid.Networking.status() == Solid.Networking.Connected) == True
      + self.is_connected = (Solid.Networking.status() == Solid.Networking.Connected) or (Solid.Networking.status() == Solid.Networking.Unknown)
      It looks like the status of the network is Unknown, i dont know why.
      After that it all worked well.
      You could update the software to work out-of-the-box in fedora.

    8. meatdifferentplaces Says:

      Hey there,
      your Plasmoid keep telling me, that the Script-Initialization failed. I’ve got all dependencies installed. Here’s what the console told me after
      plasmoidviewer currency-converter-0.4.plasmoid
      QInotifyFileSystemWatcherEngine::addPaths: inotify_add_watch failed: File or Directory not found
      QFileSystemWatcher: failed to add paths: /home/user/.config/ibus/bus
      plasmoidviewer(2724)/libplasma Plasma::FrameSvg::resizeFrame: Invalid size QSizeF(0, 0)
      plasmoidviewer(2724)/libplasma Plasma::FrameSvg::resizeFrame: Invalid size QSizeF(0, 0)

      I could offer a German translation, if you tell me how to do it.

    9. meatdifferentplaces Says:

      No I didn’t I switched back to Windows, but I’m about to translate the files. I was busy for some time, but you’ll receive them soon.

    10. brig Says:

      the plasmoid installs fine using “plasmapkg -i currency-converter-0.6.1.plasmoid” on KDE plasma 5.2.2 but when i try to add it to desktop it doesn’t appear in the list of plasmoids.
      is there something that could be done?

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