Are you experienced?

Well I’m not, but I’m having a lot of fun 🙂

My first two Plasmoids are very simple but gave me a brief look into the possibilities of the Plasma Workspace, and I had to ask a lot of newbie questions on plasma-devel which is a very responsive mailing list. I cannot remember any of my questions that have gone unanswered and most of them with very good solutions and/or answers.

My latest endeavor is a bit more challenging. Plasma doesn’t have a simple ListView so you’ll have to use a Plasma.ScrollWidget and implement the methods yourself. For me that was somewhat annoying primarily because I’m still fighting a stale battle with the Qt layouts 🙂

Now I have to figure out how I’m gonna the cache feed and all the pics that I’m downloading. For 3 reasons, the most important is of course performance, followed by the fact that the tests I’ve run on my crappy HW results in X pixmaps getting corrupted [*], and lastly that it’s a part of the ToS

For now I use job = KIO.get(KUrl(url), KIO.NoReload, KIO.HideProgressInfo) and connect to job‘s signals to get the the feed and to download the thumbnail pics of the events I use KIO.file_copy(from, to). This basically works but how can I get the HTTP Headers? I need to know if I should reuse the data I already have or if I should download it again.

Regarding the actual caching I was considering using a combination of:


KIconLoader::KIconLoader(const QString &appname = QString(), KStandardDirs *dirs = 0, QObject *parent = 0)

KIcon (const QString &iconName, KIconLoader *iconLoader)

But I’m uncertain how to use them.

Comments are very welcome as I’m a bit stuck here.

[*] I have no idea what I’m talking about here, but I get black icons after running X number of tests :-/

And are no screen shots in this post as the work has mostly been "under the hood".

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I need a new name!

… for a new Plasma Widget that is 😉

I’ve just started implementing a mashup that lists music events going on your own location (from and adds links to Google Maps, Social Services etc.

But the beast needs a name as I think “ Events” is a tad too generic. It has to be a name that gives the user an idea of what the widget does, so it shouldn’t be too imaginatively – like say Plasma, Akonadi, Funambol etc. 😉 No offense intended 🙂

BTW a name is also needed because I need to register at to get an API key and I have to inform them about the applications name. It’s a bit premature for something that hasn’t been released even at Alpha level but that is in their ToS

There’s still a long way to go but here are some screenies as an appetizer for what can be expected:

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