Google Translator 0.6 released

Now there’s a shiny, new Google Translator Plasmoid version 0.6.

Well maybe that’s a bit exaggerated because the User Interface hasn’t changed a bit, but there’s a lot of new stuff going on under the hood that will also soon benefit the Currency Converter Plasmoid.

Head on to Google Code or KDE-Look for downloads or get it via "Add Widgets" from the Plasma Desktop.

Changes can be found in the Changelog.

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2 Responses to “Google Translator 0.6 released”

  1. Kevin Says:

    A moment there I thought Google had added Nynorsk, but I see the language list shows a lot more languages than Google currently offers…

    Note: if you do want to support Nynorsk or other languages that Apertium supports, you could add — the api is compatible with Google Translate so it should be easy to implement. There is also an API function to get the list of language pairs. See for more information.

    • tanghus Says:

      As explained under Known issues at the Plasmoid uses KLocale so there will be a lot of language pairs that won’t work. As a matter of fact KLocale doesn’t even support “no” as language code but only Bokmål and Nynorsk so the language detection doesn’t work with Norwegian :-/
      Guess I will have to see if I can persuade the maintainer to add it.

      Apertium sounds interesting Kevin. I will definitely have a look at it.

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