2 new Plasmoids

For the last 2-3 weeks I have been working on a couple of scripted Plasmoids for KDE4.x written in Python. First I started with the Currency Converter which uses data from Yahoo! Finance. When it was sorta working I figured out that I could create a Google Translator Plasmoid using almost the same code, so now I’m maintaining them concurrently. Well – ’nuff said. Here ther are:


Terms I hate – part I

NDA – Non Disclosure Agreement

An agreement is always good. It’s nice to agree about something. But what I hate is double negations and what I hate even more is triple negations.

  1. Closure Agreement: You agree to keep the lid closed about a topic/case/job – whatever.
  2. Disclosure Agreement: Hey – let’s tell everyone about it.
  3. Non Disclosure Agreement: Eh – I changed my mind. Shut up about it.

What’s going on…

Well, yes I got this blog so I thought I ought to write something. Last week I started working out at a local gym. Actually I was sent there by the municipal authorities because I’m unemployed, and in Denmark you have to be "activated" when you’re unemployed, or you won’t get any money. It’s OK to go to the gym. I’ve never really liked these fitness centers with all the beefed up types, but this one is kinda relaxed. And it’s good for me too. Haven’t made anything physical for like 7 or 8 years and my computer is on the coffee table so I have no muscles and my shoulders and neck hurt like hell.

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